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These old days of chat rooms are gone where you just type in text and exchange messages with group of people in with other person in private chat. Today we have live cams where not only text exchange is visible but you can also see live broadcasting of what going on in real time and can see each other. Today it’s more often a hot girl who is showing herself to the world and seeks sexual attention from men. That is usually the case. These men want to get laid online so they are looking for hot girls and ready to pay for private sex chat where they can watch the girl getting naked and playing with toys. With all the news gadgets and technology very soon live sex cams will replace real sex. Will we allow that?

Men are becoming too lazy to hunt girls

Why bother leaving the house than you can just lay on the couch, turn on computer or tablet and enjoy nude European cam girls who are way more beautiful than local girls and are easy to get a long and have cam sex. Internet has changed things and relationships became so easy. However, it’s only from physical part. Getting sex is easy. But people forget that it’s important to have a spiritual relationship that what this generation doesn’t understand. Today it’s all about sex and hot bodies. If a girl has a sexy body nothing else matters. She can be a total bitch and it’s ok by guys because she is so hot – that’s all the guy looks for and don’t pay any attention to personality traits.

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Is there any fault of girls?

Men are lazy – well yes. But if we think about reasons why is that – first thing that comes to mind is that girls made us lazy. They are doing all the work to get guys. I believe the answer is in population – there are way more girls in the world than boys. Demand and supply. On the other hand, millennials want to get everything right away. They don’t want to work nor understand that things are not as easy as they think and it takes time to get education and other things in life. If you ask a girl what is her plan – usually you will hear finish college, find a husband and after a year have a baby. Isn’t that too fast? I mean the part of find a husband and babies one. Don’t you need to get to know your partner before you decide to have a baby? Well today is not the most important thing. Girls are treating men like money mules and men are allowing that. Divorce rates are huge – and it doesn’t surprise me anymore.

Cam girls looking for men only?

You may find it interesting that there are lots of different categories in camming. There are not only cam girls who are looking for men. You can also find live lesbian girls doing shows and welcoming everyone to watch. Solo lesbian girls wanting to have a friendly chat that can develop to online relationship. Cams are full of all kinds of models, even couples who are willing to fuck and stream everything to the viewers for a price.

What’s next?

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New adult toys and virtual reality gadgets are coming to the market each year. Even robots who can substitute a real sex partner and have feelings. Future is interesting and I’m excited to see what new tech will give to the humanity and what we are going to do with it.