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I am somewhat of a shy person and have always struggled with social interaction. Sounds silly right? Well, let me explain what I mean by that. Ever since I developed as a girl, I was pretty much the hottest girl amongst my friends. But as much as that was a blessing, it was a curse as well. I never got the attention my friends got from boys because they were all intimidated by me. And lacking that experience from an early age, I was a bit socially awkward and was struggling to chat up the boys I really like. And naturally it carried over into my adulthood and I was always seeking a way to correct that problem.


It wasn’t until I found a cam girl platform that I realized just much I needed it. As soon as I joined best webcam girl site I was hooked on it. Don’t get me wrong, I still am waiting for my prince charming and I am a romantic type of a girl, but I also like to experiment and gain experience. That’s why I like what I do as a cam girl because I get to expand my sexual repertoire and gain confidence by being intimate with the participants of my show while staying anonymous and not exposing myself. And I do lots of stuff I would never dare to try with my partner. Any kind of roleplay or kinky sexual fantasies I am down with because there is a certain type of excitement I get from trying out new stuff. And I wouldn’t dare to try them out anywhere else until I get them perfected in my live show.


So I would really like for everyone that find me attractive to join my show and share your desires with me, there will probably be a way for me to work it into my show. That is something else I would like to emphasize as one of the advantages of a cam girl platform. If someone frequents in my live shows, I am striving to make the experience personal and tailor the show for that individual. That way the enjoyment is much stronger and I get to know a person more intimately, which aids in our future encounters. It is as if I have a personal relationship with every one of my followers. And it is a relationship that only has advantages and leaves out all the bad parts. That is something I would dare anyone to find anywhere else. I know that there are a lot of cam girls and I wouldn’t want to sound like a cliche, but none of them are quite good as me. And the confidence to make a claim like that I get from a feedback of the people who already participated in my show. Go ahead and chat me up and see for yourself. I will prove myself worth your attention.